Tom’s Prerogative #16 “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” [Explicit]

Hey there my Toonami Generation and welcome to another episode of Tom’s Prerogative! On this episode, I decide to extend “Disney Month one more week to review a movie that I consider one of the greatest movies of all times along with being responsible for reviving the American animation industry. Who Framed Roger Rabbit! And for such a momentous movies, I had to bring on a friend to help me review this bad boy. Enter former ASM review for the Spiderman Crawlspace and member of the Clone Saga Chronicles podcast, Gerard Delatour!

A bit of a warning for this episode, there is a bit of languge in this episode along with a couple of sexual innendos. It nothing worse then what you might hear on the “Otaku Momentum”, but I thought I just I warn you.

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