AnimeNEXT 2012 Cosplay Photo Album Part 6

Hey there my Toonami generation and welcome to my first ever cosplay photo album for AnimeNEXT. These are the photo of some of the great cosplay I saw at AnimeNEXT 2012. I will be breaking these into several post as I have a lot of photo to share. Before we move on to the photo, I like to apologize for some of the blurriness of some of the photo as I used my digital camcorder and had it on auto, so the focus and lighting was getting messed up some time. Also, click the picture to get a larger view. So with that being said, here we go.

Morrigan from Darkstalkers is sexy and she know it. I don’t think we will have any red little M&M stripping here though.

Moka from Rosario Vampire want to know if you will help her find her beloved Tsukune. Be careful though, she might just have you for lunch.

Now we have the lovely Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw showing off her beloved chainsaw. The Zombie don’t stand a chance!

Now entering the arena is Tifa from Final Fantasy 7. A fight with her is guaranteed to send you to FINAL HEAVEN!

Here we have Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh showing how they handle monster from the Shadow Realm.

Euphemia of Code Geass graces us with her elegant presence! If i knew I’d be in the presence of royalty, i wouldn’t of dress like a smuck!

Again we have another lovely cosplayer in these next two picture who anime I can’t put my finger on. My guess is Julia, Spike’s lost lover from Cowboy Bebop. But I have been wrong before.

Jiraiya is on the lookout for pretty cosplayers! As long as we keep him away from the hot tub, I think we will be okay.

Gaterbelt is looking for his nasty, er I mean lovely angels Panty and Stocking. Knowing those two dude, they won’t be hard to find!

And that is it for today, make sure you check back later for more pictures. So until next time my Toonami generation, Stay Golden.