Tom’s Prerogative #122 “X-Men: The Animated Series” *Explicit*

AN_Logo (Custom)Hey there my Toonami generation and welcome to a brand new episode of Tom’s Prerogative! On this episode we continue “Superhero Month” here on the Prerogative. This time out I’m joined by my co-host from the Intergalactic Graphic Review podcast Edwin and our good friend Phantom as we go back to 1993 to look at the phenomenon ripped straight from the comic that was the X-Men Animated Series. So after 20 years, are these mutants the personification of the fight against prejudiced, or are they just a show with a catchy song? Only one way to find out and that to tune in and Stay Gold!

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“Nerdcore Absolution” – Richie Branson Feat. Kadeshflow
“Supernova Megamix” – DJ Clarknova
“Superman Theme” – John Williams
“X-Men Theme” – Saban