Tom’s Prerogative #123 “Spectacular Spiderman” *Explicit*

AN_Logo (Custom)Hey there my Toonami generation and welcome to a brand new episode of Tom’s Prerogative! On this episode we finish “Superhero Month” here on the Prerogative and this time out it an episode five years in the making! I’m joined by my good friend Donomark from the DBZ Next Dimension podcast as we finally finish what we started over five years ago on our podcast “Spectacular Webs” to which Don was my co-host as we review Spectacular Spiderman! So after five years does this Spiderman animation stay Spectacular, or were we just flies caught in its web of deceit? Only one way to find out and that to tune in and Stay Gold!

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“Nerdcore Absolution” – Richie Branson Feat. Kadeshflow
“Supernova Megamix” – DJ Clarknova
“XSpectacular Spiderman Theme” – Tender Box