AnimeNEXT 2012 Cosplay Photo Album Part 2

Hey there my Toonami generation and welcome to my first ever cosplay photo album for AnimeNEXT. These are the photo of some of the great cosplay I saw at AnimeNEXT 2012. I will be breaking these into several post as I have a lot of photo to share. Before we move on to the photo, I like to apologize for some of the blurriness of some of the photo as I used my digital camcorder and had it on auto, so the focus and lighting was getting messed up some time. Also, click the picture to get a larger view. So with that being said, here we go.

Billy Mays here want to let you know that you can only experience to greatness of AnimeNEXT by coming to it live!

Green Gokaiger is looking for his lost Green Magiranger key. can you help him find it?

Here is Batgirl and Nightwing who are on the case to find the Red Hood. I hope they can find him.

Now Red Hood show up just as Batgirl and Nightwing leave. He sure is a crafty fellow. Now if only I can escape from his cross-hairs.

These Umbrella soldiers are on the lookout for any zombie they might find. I feel so safe knowing that the Umbrella Corporation has my back!

Uh Oh! It looks like the lovely Jean Grey has turn into the Dark Phoenix again. These cosplayer is as beautiful as she is deadly!

And now we see that the Headless Rider from Durarara has made an appearance! I hope she not coming for my head.

Now we have the beautiful yet deadly Black Widow! No superpowers needed!

With this and the next picture, we see a roaming gang of Deadpools! Welcome to Crazy Town everyone!

And last but not least, we have the lovely Pixiel from the X-Men. This teenage mutant may look pretty, but I can assure you that she pack a mighty sting.

And that is it for today, make sure you check back tomorrow for more pictures. So until next time my Toonami generation, Stay Golden.