Tom’s Prerogative #59 Special “Disney/Brave Controversy”

AN_Logo (Custom)Hey there my Toonami Generation and welcome to a very special episode of Tom’s Prerogative! You see guys, some time your Uncle Thomas here at the prerogative can get a little steamed up at thing that go on in the world of animation and it fandom. This is one such occasion as before my review of Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children, I went off on the Disney/Brave controversy that has been happening the past couple of weeks. I cut it out of the initial episode as I felt it bogged the episode down and made it too long. So here it is in it full 30 minute ranting glory. One warning though, If you don’t like listening to people on podcast give opinion that deal with political issue or can’t handle and/or offended people giving their honest opinion on topic that you might disagree with. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE!!!!

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