[EXPLICIT] The Otaku Momentum EP.86 Good Bye, Waznotta

Well, I guess it had to happen eventually that one of us would have to move away.
Unfortunately, Waznotta got a new job and will have to quit the podcast at least for
a while so we go out with a bang as we talk about the TAF attendance and review
Vexille. Good luck Waz.

UPDATE!!!: This was all crap. Waznotta is not leaving. April Fools.

With audio ripped off of these guys!
Visit them on Youtube so they don’t get mad
at me!!!:

Girlchan in Paradise by Egoraptor
Ore no Barklimouto ga Konna ni Ballin’ Wake ga Nai – Quad City DJs vs ClariS
POKOPOKOPIKOTAN by: nana825763
The Karate Rap by: Samurai Studios Inc.
Sailorman by: Spazkidin3D
Pikamon (Pokémon Parody)by: Psychicpebbles

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